Review by:  Cynthia T. in Kailua Kona, HI

Project:  New Construction Full Home Interior Design

Comments:  My husband and I could not be more thrilled with Three Roses Interiors, and in particular, Christina Birtcher.  Christina has designed two homes for me over the last decade or so.  We have been so pleased with her attention to detail, her ability to digest exactly what we need and most importantly-what works with our lifestyle.  I stand ready to say that our home would not be the same without Christina's touch.  Not by a long shot.

Review by:  Anne R., Designer in Portland, OR

Project/Relationship:  Interior Decorator/Colleague

​Comments:  I am an interior decorator myself, and whenever I am booked I send my clients to Christina as I know she would take care of them as well as I would!

Review by:  Jill L in Oregon City, OR

Project:  Home & Studio Office Organization

Comments:  Helpful, friendly and supportive!  Thank you for helping me when I needed it!  Jill

Review by:  Debbie H. in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Project:  Interior Decorator

Comments:  My entire experience with Christina has been really positive!

In Our Clients Own Words .....

Review by:  Kimmi L. in Portland, OR

Project:  Interior Decorator

Comments:  I give Three Roses Interiors 5 out of 5 stars!  I have had a really fun time working with Christina.  She is very professional.  She will take on the amount of work you want, or have a more "hands on" approach to your interior.  Christina is organized and an animal lover. 

Review by:  Julie Highball Ching, Realtor

Project/Relationship:  Colleague

Comments:  Christina Birtcher is the pinnacle in the field of interior design and staging!  She totally understands what is required.  From construction knowledge to the art of selecting the perfect color palette to invoke a particular ambiance, Christina does it all!  She has been instrumental in morphing "good" properties into "outstanding" properties, resulting in top-dollar real estate sales.  Oh, and her exquisite taste in furniture and interior design is spectacular!  She is an asset to homeowners and Realtors alike.  Highly recommend! 

Review by:  Corinne K. in Lincoln City, OR

Project:  Design & Plan Interior Space Remodel

Comments:  Very knowledgeable and professional.  I definitely recommend them.  Christina was great!

Review by:  Sharon O. in Wilsonville, OR

Project:  Interior Decorator

​Comments:  Christina is very knowledgeable.  Covers a variety of areas.  Gracious and conscientious, not pushy.  She listens and understands what we want.  Very unique.

Review by:  Britton H. in Novi, Michigan​

Project:  Remodel & Interior Design

Comments:  Christina is an amazing designer!  She makes your home FEEL like home and keeps your personal taste fluent throughout your house.  She has a natural eye for patterns and colors - knowing when and how to combine them.  She advocates for her clients when dealing with vendors and never makes you feel alone in the home decorating processes.  She's fabulous to work with and incredibly talented!

Review by:  Debbie L in Honolulu, Hawaii

Project:  Interior Decorator

Comments:  Christina is very knowledgeable, had great ideas and is very easy to work with.  She did some staging and remodeling for us and she is a great interior designer.  I can't say enough about her!  Great service, and I would recommend to anyone!